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roundwindow’s Management Programmes include:


Confidential CEO Review: A one-to-one off-site meeting with the CEO discussing the challenges and opportunities for their organisation. This allows a confidential "no holds barred" discussion, for example about future direction, the team, exit strategies etc. with an independent, expert and challenging partner. This discussion day is followed up by a formal report of roundwindow’s observations and recommendations.


Business Overview: An in depth review and report of your business, its performance, culture, people, processes and systems, giving you expert independent feedback on what’s working well, what could be better and what needs to change. This programme can look at the whole business or particular elements as required.


Business Strategic Planning: Facilitation of Strategic Planning with the CEO and the Management Board. We bring an independent critical eye to the process of planning the business’ future, using roundwindow’s experience in analysis, option building, selection, implementation, measurement and review.


Looking at your Business from the Prospect and Client’s eyes: An independent inward looking review of your marketing, sales and client management processes, ensuring your standards are effective and service commitments from first contact to long term client are delivered.


Process Reviews: We can critically appraise your core business processes to assess and compare them to industry practice. We can advise on both quick win improvements and also deliver complete process redesign where improved effectiveness or efficiency is necessary.


Performance Measurement: Ensuring your business performance measurement and standards properly address the key elements of effectiveness and efficiency of the organisation, allowing you to build the strength of your business and differentiate from the competition.


Aligning Personal Performance with Business Performance: Ensuring your people measurement is properly aligned to your strategy. We ensure that the communication of corporate strategy to staff is effective and that the way all your team is motivated and rewarded truly supports the long term business strategy.


Presentation Services: We offer the design and preparation of speeches, articles and reports for conferences, presentations and publishing. Offered on a global basis, this service can be of particular interest for authors and speakers whose principal language is not English.


This is just a selection of our programmes which can be tailored to the individual client. Please contact us to discuss your particular requirements. We’ll be delighted to help.