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Some examples of our experience:

Non executive Director of Independent UK Factoring Company

Independent Non Executive Director of NFC, a leading Russian Invoice Finance Company


Consultant Advocacy Director to FCI, the Global Trade Association for the Receivables Finance Industry


Coordinator of the EU Federation for the Factoring and Commercial Finance Industry (EUF), a lobbying and information organisation representing 97% of the EU 28 Industry 

Retained strategic advisor to CDFI FinTech provider, developing strategy, credit and underwriting policies


Supporting the development and launch of a new start factoring business in a very rigorously regulated operational regime


Working with an independent factor in the UK that wants a strategy refresh to create a differentiated approach


Offering mentoring services to a multi operation multi stream finance organisation CEO


Focusing message and creating strategic presentation for a large global independent invoice finance group


Reviewing and developing marketing information and presenting at conference for a major Industry IT provider


Author in trade press and conference speaker on a range of strategy and marketing led issues


Editor of the BCR Publishing "International Factoring Yearbook 2010"


Working with the Strategic Board of a major independent invoice finance company to assess current strategy and approach


Carrying out a full strategy review for an independent invoice finance provider, delivering the analysis and insight to support the Board in setting their future business direction


Facilitating strategy reviews for two high profile international trade organisations, enabling them to clarify their directions and priorities


Enhancing a major trade organisation’s marketing development strategy


Ensuring management teams are fully engaged in adopting and delivering corporate strategy through the organisation and delivery of a comprehensive range of strategy led business meetings and conferences


Creation of a ground breaking Customer Service Charter, delivering Industry leading client confidence, goodwill and reputation 


Creation and implementation of a new approach to measuring and reacting to client satisfaction levels, leading to a radical reduction in preventable client losses and profit enhancement

Delivery of a full review of acquisition opportunities in UK and Europe for a leading ABL provider, identifying and prioritising potential targets


Set up of a green field satellite office operation for an invoice finance company creating a substantial new profit centre


Redesign of an established business structure form geographic to solution based, delivering major cost and efficiency improvements


Development of an acquisition marketing propensity model, facilitating targetted identification of potential new business


Working with major international consultancies (from project management to steering team level) in order to develop new IT systems and opportunities to improve business efficiency and effectiveness


Design of an automated underwriting system for invoice finance deals, creating consistency and making time to focus resource where most needed