Our focus

Strategy, Service Management and Operational Efficiency

From assessing your markets and competitive options to implementing strategic change, we can ensure you are maximising your capabilities and resources. We will help you ensure you are profitably meeting the needs of your customers.


  • Understand your markets; predict movement, change and opportunity more effectively
  • Make the right strategic choices to differentiate your business
  • Deploy your resources effectively to maximize your investment
  • Monitor and manage outcomes; adapt and change your direction

Service management

  • Understand your customers better
  • Meet their needs more effectively
  • Keep them longer and more profitably

Operational efficiency

  • Make sure your processes and structures are both effective and efficient
  • Put the idea of “Doing the right things; doing things right” into practice
  • Implement the best tools and techniques to improve your business operations

Communication, Change and Employee Engagement, Mentoring and Counselling

Effective communication with all your stakeholders is vital; we can help deliver your key messages and ensure they are heard and acted upon. We will work with you so your team understand and align themselves to achieving your goals. We can talk to you personally and confidentially to address key issues affecting you and your business.


  • Communicate effectively with internal and external stakeholder audiences; get your message across positively
  • Create speeches, articles and PR to promote thought leadership and raise awareness both internally and externally (with English coaching and support for non-native speakers)

Change and employee engagement

  • Create the environment that makes change happen…understand barriers and bypass them
  • Support people through change... and make them agents of change

Mentoring and confidential counselling

  • Informed help to tackle the questions that require a confidential, critical and supportive ear
  • To find solutions and ways forward for you... and your business

Our services

Our services include

Confidential CEO Review

A one-to-one off-site meeting with the CEO discussing the challenges and opportunities for their organisation. This allows a confidential "no holds barred" discussion, for example about future direction, the team, exit strategies etc. with an independent, expert and challenging partner. This discussion day is followed up by a formal report of roundwindow’s observations and recommendations.

Business Overview

An in depth review and report of your business, its performance, culture, people, processes and systems, giving you expert independent feedback on what’s working well, what could be better and what needs to change. This programme can look at the whole business or particular elements as required.

Business Strategic Planning

Facilitation of Strategic Planning with the CEO and the Management Board. We bring an independent critical eye to the process of planning the business’ future, using roundwindow’s experience in analysis, option building, selection, implementation, measurement and review.

Looking at your Business from the Prospect and Client’s eyes

An independent inward looking review of your marketing, sales and client management processes, ensuring your standards are effective and service commitments from first contact to long term client are delivered.

Process Reviews

We can critically appraise your core business processes to assess and compare them to industry practice. We can advise on both quick win improvements and also deliver complete process redesign where improved effectiveness or efficiency is necessary.

Performance Measurement

Ensuring your business performance measurement and standards properly address the key elements of effectiveness and efficiency of the organisation, allowing you to build the strength of your business and differentiate from the competition.

Aligning Personal Performance with Business Performance

Ensuring your people measurement is properly aligned to your strategy. We ensure that the communication of corporate strategy to staff is effective and that the way all your team is motivated and rewarded truly supports the long term business strategy.

Presentation Services

We offer the design and preparation of speeches, articles and reports for conferences, presentations and publishing. Offered on a global basis, this service can be of particular interest for authors and speakers whose principal language is not English.

Non Executive Directorship

Either formally or informally as you require, we can offer a non executive director service, acting as an independent source of support and challenge to you and the board of your business. We have multi-industry, multi-country experience in this important arena of corporate governance.

Each of our services can be tailored to your individual needs. Please contact us to discuss your particular requirements. We’ll be delighted to help.

About us

roundwindow is a business to business consultancy service specializing in Strategic Management Development, helping CEOs and their companies define and develop their strategy, structure, process and people.

We have real proven experience in:

  • Strategy Development and Implementation
  • Business Improvement
  • Service Management
  • Corporate Communications
  • Management of Change
  • Asset Based Lending
  • Mentoring and Personal Development

John Brehcist has worked in the fast developing Asset Based Finance industry for over thirty years with clients ranging from start ups to market leaders in both emerging and developed countries.


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Past and present
Years of Industry experience
Years of roundwindow consulting
Happy clients
Countries worked in

Non-Executive Director of a pioneering UK Finance Company

Consultant Advocacy Director to FCI, the Global Trade Association for the Receivables Finance Industry

Coordinator of the EU Federation for the Factoring and Commercial Finance Industry (EUF), a lobbying and information organisation representing 97% of the EU 28 Industry

Strategic advisor to CDFI FinTech provider, developing strategy, credit and underwriting policies

Supporting the development and launch of a new-start factoring business in a highly regulated operational regime

Working with an independent factor in the UK that wanted a strategy refresh to create a differentiated approach from similar competitors

Author of the EUF’s “Whitepaper on Factoring” research paper objectively identifying invoice finance as a low loss given default source of funding

Offering mentoring services to a multi operation multi stream finance organisation CEO

Focusing message and creating strategic presentation for a large global independent invoice finance group

Reviewing and developing marketing information and presenting at conference for a major Industry IT provider

Well established author in trade press and conference speaker on a range of strategy and marketing led issues

Editor of an edition of the BCR Publishing "International Factoring Yearbook"

Working with the Strategic Board of a major independent invoice finance company to assess current strategy and approach

Design of an automated underwriting system for invoice finance deals, creating consistency and making time to focus resource where most needed

Development of an acquisition marketing propensity model, facilitating targeted identification of potential new business

Non-Executive Director of Independent UK Factoring Company

Carrying out a full strategy review for an independent invoice finance provider, delivering the analysis and insight to support the Board in setting their future business direction

Facilitating strategy reviews for two high profile international trade organisations, enabling them to clarify their directions and priorities

Enhancing a major trade organisation’s marketing development strategy

Ensuring management teams are fully engaged and aligned in adopting and delivering corporate strategy in a market leading organisation through delivery of a comprehensive range of strategy led business meetings and conferences

Creation of a Customer Service Charter, delivering Industry leading client confidence, goodwill and reputation

Creation and implementation of a new approach to measuring and reacting to client satisfaction levels, leading to a radical reduction in preventable client losses and profit enhancement

Delivery of a full review of acquisition opportunities in UK and Europe for a leading ABL provider, identifying and prioritising potential targets

Set up of a green field satellite office operation for an invoice finance company creating a substantial new profit centre

Redesign of an established business structure from geographic to solution based, delivering major cost and efficiency improvements

Working with major international consultancies (from project management to steering team level) to develop new IT systems and implement opportunities to improve business efficiency and effectiveness